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Mission & Vision

We find it our mission to prove that today's informatics makes everyone's life more interesting, more comfortable and more secure. The Internet helps us to gather information to support our decisions, to find new ventures and business opportunities, to communicate more easily, quickly and efficiently - and it is affordable and available to everyone.
We do not believe in buzzwords and hypes: instead, we provide you with real solutions and opportunities. Information technology is not black magig: one just have to stop calling an animation to "rich media", a browser to "platform" and a forum to "web 2.0". Success is not a function of nomenclature but content and technology - complicated words are the root of high pricing, not efficiency. With that said, one also has to remember not to use all features of today's technology. While the online presentation of a car in virtual 3D could help sales to go up, the same approach would be an overkill for selling candles.
Thus, we always try to provide our clients with what they really need, and not what "sounds good". Concept Online has so far earned the appreciation and loyality of its cliens, and has been succesful with the followings:

  • always chosing the righ technology
  • Using carefully analyzed and selected open source software and our module libraries and well tested environments we can speed up development and lower associated cost.
  • only working with professionals
  • Probably the most important factor during development is to employ, and in general to work with professionals. We pick people and vendors who share the same values and priorities as us, who have an internal drive for providing the quality of work and services we are looking for.
  • focusing on client needs
  • We always try to think as if we were in the shoes of our clients. This way we can find the solutions our clients really need, and we can also avoid the traps they have not even recognized.
  • following trends
  • In the world of informatics time goes very fast. A device, a software or a solution can become outdated, even obsolate in a matter of weeks, while at the same time chosing a new methodology or a new approach per se can be enough to gain a competitive advantage.

The history of our company

With Elliot Noss, president and CEO of Tucows Inc. in Budapest
Concept Online began forming around 1997, but the first company called Concept Online Bt. had been founded in 1999. The first notable service we offered was the Hungarian Registry (www.hunreg.com), the first gTLD registration website and service in Hungary. One of our first work was aXio (www.axio.hu), a website modelled after eBay, which was later bought by leading Hungarian portal Origo.
Concept Online formed a Limited in 2001 with the generous help of an angel investor, and the leadership of the company which is still the same today was appointed. We started our custom hosting service, developed our own invoicing system and released kepeslap.com which became pretty succesful since then.
Between 2002 and 2005 we focused on acquiring more clients and later resellers, while we also participated in numerous projects. We have created Szerezzmeg! (www.szerezzmeg.hu, www.hungirly.com), and adult RPG website, which was a huge hit; we created our portal engine COPE and built two portals, www.auto1.hu (our own site) and www.mgyk.hu (portal of the Chamber of Hungarian Pharamacists).
Sometime around 2005 we were asked by Napfolt Ltd. to rewrite their market leading community gamesite for children, TeveClub.hu. The project was so highly succesful that the partnership became permanent, and the two companies moved together in the same office. At the end of 2008 we separated, and while we occasionally work with Napfolt, we hired new programmers and moved to a new office - essentially we are now trying to become independent.
In the little spare time we have now, we occasionally accept development work and requests for consulting for selected clients. We kept our succesful hosting and domain services, and are in the process of making it even better. We try hard to enhance our websites to increase our advertisement revenue. Also see investors & partners for our current priorities.

Investors & partners

We work together and are constantly looking for affiliates who resell our hosting -and domain registration services. Many of these affiliates work with us to be able to provide their clients with an extended range of services beside their main profile (e.g. advertisement, design, different offline services), so that without any serious investment they can provide more added value.
We also partner with content providers, even with sometimes competing websites to run advertisement campaigns together.
Since the begining of 2009 our most important priority became to find an investor who can provide us with venture capital to help us release and market our existing services in different countries. We are also interested in finding a financial partner who could help us to start up new, internetional projects.

Our staff

Sándor Szecsődi
  • Sándor Szecsődi
  • sales manager, our negotiatior and adman. He is responsible for our sales, PR and communications, as well as to handle the needs of many of our VIP clients.
  • Judit Véber
  • assistant, desktop support, administration, managing domain registration and hosting.
  • Zoltán Bori
  • developer.
  • Krisztián Szűcs
  • developer.