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YAPC::EU presence 2007.09.01
Concept Online CEO Csongor Fagyal has given a talk on his open source framework called PET written in Perl at YAPC::EU in Vienna. More on that here. PET is the engine that powers many of our newest developments. released 2007.04.03
Our highly successful e-cards site now has a new URL and a blog module.

I. Perl Conference & Workshop, Budapest 2005.09.13
The Hungarian Perl Workshop will be held at 2005.10.22, Budapest, Hungary. For more information, see HPW2005! released 2005.04.28
The English version of the highly succesful website Szerezz meg! called Hungirly - an online erotic RPG was released today.

2nd Perl Conference, Budapest, 28/08/2004 2004.08.19
The 2nd Perl Conference is being held at Budapest, Hungary, 28/08/2004. The CEO of Concept Online will hold two lightening talks: one about comparing Perl native templates to XSLT, and the other about the future of perl as a programming language and its influence on managing decisions. More (Hungarian only)

Sports sponsorship in 2002 2003.06.19
In 2002 the Hungarian Senior Basketball Team sponsored by us won gold medal in division 'B' on World Masters Games Melbourne. Congratulations!
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Concept Online releases 2003.02.25
American version of the very succesful e-postcard site was released today.

Concept Online websites at Apache:ASP 2003.02.10
Apache::ASP ( selects Concept Online websites as reference sites. Sites using, testimonials.

Our office has moved 2002.10.30
Our new address is: 1114 Budapest XI. ker. Bocskai út 17.
Phone: 209-3777,466-48-56

Concept Online to sell Hungarian TOP 1000 2002.10.21
As opposed to previous announcements, the five years old Hungarian TOP 1000 website is not to be sold. While the code is currently frozen, Concept Online will keep TOP1000 running with no plans to closing it.

New design 2002.06.18
Our homepage is now multilingual and has also been redesigned.

TOP1000 v3.1 released 2002.06.15
A new bilingual version of Hungarian TOP1000 has been released. Click here!