Consulting and development

While our capacity is limitied, when we have time, we are glad to accept consulting and sometimes development tasks. Most of the time we work with dynamic (database driven) websites, community sites and different kinds of content providing pages (e.g. portals). Please take a look at our references!
Many come to us when they have trouble with outsourced projects, after their developer(s) missed deadlines repeatedly, and they are running out of money. This is a typical scenario, which can be avoided if you ask for our help. Sometimes a few hours of consulting is enough to secure the success of your project!
In case you wished to ask as to create a website for you, please take the time and be as specific as possible - creating a good specification is the first (and vital) step for success. We would also like to draw you attention to the fact that we are not taking jobs which involve the creation of desktop applications or which need to run on Microsoft servers.
Most of the time we are more than happy to accept jobs from outside of Hungary.

Hosting (webspace, e-mail, dns) services

We have various hosting packages, ranging from the most minimal "static" webspace through DNS services and the hosting of dynamic websites (using PHP, CGI, MySQL, etc.) up to the possibility of leased or co-located servers.
Our own hosting administration interface allows you to create and modify virtual hosts, mailboxes, e-mail aliases and so forth. You are almost automatically allowed to resell these services, too. In fact, many of our users start up as regular hosting clients, and later become resellers.
For details, please visit: HunReg Hosting.


Online marketing and advertisement

With the help of our numerous partners, we can help you to place your ads in many Hungarian websites. We offer outstanding opportunities and low prices to advertise your services and products on our own websites, especially on We are open to barter campaigns and special promotions as well.
We look forward to do business with foreign content providers, with whom we could cross-advertise our sites, helping each other to enter to the market of the other's home country.
In some special cases we can also help making your site more search-engine friendly (SEO services). Please ask for availability.

Domain registration

In 2000, our company was the first to offer immediate gTLD registration via its website called HunReg. With direct connection to the international registries, we offer the usual gTLDs (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info) as well as certain ccTLDs (including .tv, .cc, .de, .hu, .ch, .at, .fr).
For more information, please visit HunReg (see above). Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions, as domain registration rules vary greatly for different TLDs!
Our registration services are also offered by many Hungarian resellers, who has the option to submit orders to our system directly (without any human interaction to slow down the process). In case you wished to offer similar services, please contact us here!